The use of child car seats is mandatory as provided by the Highway Code (HC), but most of all it is a loving gesture you give to your child..

In all European countries, it is generally required by law that all passengers must use appropriate restraint systems when travelling by car: safety belts for adults and safety car seats for children.

The law in almost all European countries states that babies, from birth up until they are 1.50 m in height, for UK is 1.35m, must always be strapped in using a restraint system which is appropriate for their height and weight*.

Height under 1.35 m

All children under 1.35 m in height must always travel by car seated in a child restraint system.

Group 0+: always install it in a rear-facing position. If the front seat is equipped with an air bag, turn it 'off' before installing the child car seat.

Height equal to or over 1.35 m.

Standard motor
vehicle seat belts

* Most common benchmark criteria in Europe. Check the regulations in force in your Country.

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