10 tips to guarantee protection, safety, comfort and tranquillity for you and
your child.

  • Always use a child car seat correctly, even over short distances. Continuous and correct use of a child car seat not only means complying with the requirements of the law, but is first and foremost an act of love and protection by parents towards their children.
  • Choose the most suitable car seat to suit the needs of your child, in relation to weight and morphology:

    The seat should already be used for the newborn baby's very first trip, from the hospital where he was born, to his new home. There are different types of restraint systems suitable for younger children: A carrycot with the newborn baby lying flat, which is always recommended, especially for small weight infants, or the classic child car seat with the addition of a booster cushion to ensure correct positioning of the back. When newborns weight more than 6 kg, the booster cushion can be removed.
    Read more.. The child car seats belonging to Group 0/+, i.e. from 0 to 13 kg in weight, must be installed rear-facing, to reduce the effect of any possible impact on the child's neck. This position is the safest and should be used for as long as possible, although, from 9 kg onwards, a child can theoretically travel in a Group 1 seat (from 9 to 18 kg). Therefore, children falling within the weight range of between 9 and 13 kg can travel on both types of seat but, if your child shows no signs of discomfort, it is preferable to continue to use the Group 0+ seat in a rear-facing position. The time will come when the child will keep trying to turn around to look where he is going, moved by curiosity or the fact that his legs starts to bang against the backrest. This is the time to upgrade to a Group 1 child car seat. This type of child car seat should preferably be used on the back seat of a vehicle, installed on the side nearest the pavement or in the centre.

    Some Group 1, 2-3 child car seats can be reclined when children are asleep to provide a more comfortable position for their head. There are also special cushions that can be placed around the neck that must necessarily be very slim at the back, as excessive thickness can cause negative effects on the neck in the event of an accident.
  • Make sure that the child car seat is always properly installed, according to the instruction manual which must be kept for future reference.
  • It is recommended to let your child in and out of the car from the pavement side. It is therefore recommended to install the child car seat on the rear seat of the car.
  • Remember to turn the front air bag "off" if you install a Group 0 child car seat next to the driver, and also check the rear seats if your car has side airbags. The activation of an air bag can have a violent impact on a child and is therefore very dangerous.
  • During the journey, never loosen the harness straps, even temporarily, and never remove the child from the car seat for any reason. Stop the car if the child is crying or you need to feed him. Never leave your child unattended in a motor vehicle, not even for a few minutes: always take him with you.
  • For safety reasons, avoid giving food to your child while travelling, in particular lollypops, ice lollies or other foods on sticks. It may injure your child or block his breathing in the event of an accident or sudden braking.
  • Beware of the objects used to keep your child occupied during the trip, as they could become dangerous in case of an accident or sudden braking. It is recommended to use soft toys only.
  • It is also important never to carry loose objects in the car that could move around when braking and accidentally injure the child.
  • If the car has been left in the sun for a long time, check the car seat is not too hot before placing your child inside.

Think about the risks that your inappropriate behaviour can cause to your children and view these simple common sense tips as an important contribution to protecting their safety and health.

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